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Air Quality



Poor Air Quality affects our health in many ways, particularly our lungs, heart and blood vessels.

Research has linked air pollution to a number of health concerns like:Asthma, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Cardiovascular disease, Lung cancer, Endocrine system effects, Neurological effects and Allergies.

In addition, air pollutants typically increase the severity or frequency of common respiratory and cardiovascular medical conditions or illnesses.


According to the most recent scientific research, there is no “safe level” for air pollution. In other words, there is no level below which air pollution poses no adverse health effects. Air pollution poses a health risk all year long, not just in the hot summer months. These health impacts severely affect our quality of life and place a great strain on the health care system.


Poor air quality reduces quality of life for everyone, especially for children, the elderly, and for those with respiratory and cardiovascular problems. Negative health effects increase as air pollution worsens. Studies show that even modest increases in air pollution can cause small, but measurable, increases in emergency room visits, hospital admissions and deaths.



Today we have amazing technological breakthroughs in filtration (Trane CleanEffects™ and in heat recovery ventilation systems (Venmar Heat Recovery Ventilation) to make Clean, Temperate Air possible all year long.


CLICK ON the buttons to access the pages for these 21st Century Champions of Clean Air:


Trane CleanEffects™ uses breakthrough, patented technology which has been performance verified by professors from the Harvard School of Public Health. Trane CleanEffects™ removes more airborne allergens from the filtered air in your home than any other air cleaning system, up to 100 times more than a standard 1" filter.


Venmar HRV EKO Series™  has an innovative design that incorporates extremely high performance motors that are equivalent in power to a compact fluorescent bulb (13.5 watts each), which enable the  unit to significantly lower energy costs without affecting performance. Additional energy efficiency is found through its advanced heat recovery core, which can retain up to 80% of a home’s heating or cooling.

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