We work with the Trinity Line of Boilers by Nythermal along with Navien and Newmac Lines. Click on the Photos for Brochures

Trinity Tx

High Efficiency

Condensing Boilers


Boiler Features:


  • Built and certified as a heating boiler

  • Pre-wired for use with indirect water heater

  • High efficiency stainless steel boiler

  • All components are quick release type

  • Easy wire connection strip

  • Fully packaged and wired assembly

  • Auto air vent

  • Three pump outputs

  • 120V power receptacle


Control Features:


  • Full automatic modulation

  • Outdoor reset

  • Lead-Lag compatible

  • Low pressure cutoff

  • Easy programmable display

  • OD reset boost feature

  • Warm weather shutdown(WWSD)

  • Compatible with indirect tank sensor

  • Diagnostic Logging


Combi Application:


  • Low loss header manifold(primary loop)

  • Internal primary circulator

  • All components are quick connecting for servicing

  • Fully integrated plumbing

  • DHW heat exchanger

  • DHW flow sensor

  • Flow diverter valve

  • Gives DHW priority and preheating

  • Modulation to DHW temperature

  • Electronic tempering

Trinity TX

Trinity Fire Tube


Boiler Features:


  • Easy to install and maintain

  • Down-fired, Fire Tube stainless steel boiler

  • Top and bottom supply/return piping made from robust stainless steel

  • Certified internal low water cut-off with test button

  • Fully-modulating combustion system

  • Condensate pump receptacle

  • Built-in gas drip leg

  • Wall-mount configuration with optional floor stand

  • Top vent/air inlet connections with test port

  • On/off power service switch

  • High quality metallic clear coat finish

  • High-energy spark ignition (with external spark generator)

  • ASME certified boiler

  • Certified ANSI Z21.13

  • 15 year limited warranty


Controller Features:


  • Ultimate controllability with advanced Sola Controller

  • Detailed troubleshooting information (self-diagnostic display)

  • Internal "Lead-Lag" capability to cascade up to 8 boilers

  • Outdoor reset temperature operation increases boiler and system efficiency

  • Ability to control three separate temperature set points

  • Comes standard with Modbus capability

  • DHW and central heat modulation limiting

  • Ability to control three separate pumps

  • 4-20mA heat input for set point or modulation control

  • Freeze protection parameters

  • Warm weather shutdown

  • Contacts for external limits and alarms

  • Compatible with DHW tank sensor



Navien NCB is the first high efficiency tankless condensing combination boiler with the capacity to supply both heat and domestic hot water for larger homes — enough hydronic heat for a whole house, plus hot water to run two showers and a dishwasher all at the same time.

The Navien NCB saves installation time and reduces call backs. In addition, the NCB takes up 80% less space than a traditional floor standing boiler and tank water heater. Your customer now has more room, saves energy and enjoys all the hot water they need, whenever they want it.



Quiet Clean and Safe

Newmac boilers provide you with quiet, automatic operation that delivers clean and efficient hydronic heating throughout today's modern home for total comfort. The boilers are CSA/NRTL approved to assure worry free reliable heating. 


The Energy Star® Qualified NBR-2001/2002 features include:


 •Top mounted controls for easy viewing 

 •wet base/wet back steel design with high efficiency horizontal tube configuration 

 •high grade stainless steel combustion chamber for optimum efficiency 

 •high temperature glass view port for easy inspection of the combustion zone 

 •extended coil section for easy service or replacement 

 •easy access top mounted controls 

 •burner mounted on swing door 

 •AFUE 85-87.4% 

 •Internal mixing baffle on return line for optimum boiler water temperature 


  1. Top mounted controls for easy viewing 

  2. Front, rear, or top return line location 

  3. Coil section design provides maximum heat transfer to domestic coil 

  4. Rear flue with convenient vertical connection 

  5. The latest in high efficiency burner technology 

  6. Left or right hinge mounted boiler access door 

  7. Open glass inspection port 

  8. Horizontal tubed for high efficiency and easy maintenance 

  9. Stainless steel combustion chamber 

10. Reduced clearances to rear combustibles



Powerful heat production, easy operation and hassle-free maintenance make the PB 105 an ideal choice for heating your home. Eco-friendly fuel options save you money and help Mother Nature, too.


  • 113,900 BTUs — heats 2,500 to 6,500 square feet, based on climate and home efficiency

  • Hassle-free maintenance with easy-access hopper door

  • Maximum heating efficiency through 3-pass heat exchanger design

  • 205 lb. hopper capacity





The HydroFlex 60 is eco-friendly heating at its best. Whether you utilize this efficient unit as a hot air system or for hot water, watch your costs drop. Save your pocketbook, and Mother Nature, too.


60,000 BTUs — heats 1,400 to 3,600 square feet, based on climate and home efficiency

Compact unit ideal for supplemental heating

Delivers more heat using less fuel; greater than 90% efficient

160 lb. hopper capacity 



Exhaust Sensing Probe Technology

Harman pellet stoves utilize an advanced Exhaust Sensing Probe (ESP) system to deliver precision heating control. ESP constantly monitors and adjusts heat output to maintain set room temperatures within 1 degree.