We have a full compliment of Heating Options for everywhere you Live.


Area Heaters by Hot Dawg from Modine, Rinnai Wall Furnaces, Empire Wall Furnaces and Toyo Oil Stoves. Click

on the photo for details about each type of Heater and

keep those hard to heat areas warm all winter long.


We do In floor heating, Infra Red Tube Heaters and supply Water Heaters, Air Handling Systems and Chimneys by Security.


We have Chimney Venting, Direct Vents, Power Vented and Instantaneous Air Handling systems.


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Space Heaters

Hot Dawg

Hot Dawg Garage Heaters By Modine

Hot Dawg Power- Exhausted Gas-Fired (or Propane) Unit Heater (Model HD)

This unit features quiet operation, right or left hand control options, Full 10-year warranty on heat exchanger, low-profile design and more!

Hot Dawg H2O Low Profile Hot Water Unit Heater (Model HHD)

This unit has no external moving parts and features twin centrifugal blowers to keep all moving parts inside the cabinet. Can be mounted several different ways to suit a small or awkward space, and has a low profile design. 

Runs off your household boiler system, ground source heat pump or hot water heater!

Hot Dawg Separated Combustion Gas-Fired Unit Heater (Model HDS)

This unit has the same features as the HD Model but with added benefits; draws combustion from outside the work area ensuring the unit has fresh air to breath reducing potential dust and dirt that could impact the performance of the unit. Also, this unit is factory assembled which saves installation time!

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Natural Gas or Propane

Empire Wall Furnaces

High-Efficiency Direct-Vent Wall Furnaces

Advanced technology makes these heaters more than 80% efficient A.F.U.E.  The 20,000 Btu DV20E is ideal for heating basements, family rooms or several small rooms. The DV40E and DV55E are perfect for heating large family rooms, offices, apartments or even entire homes.


Rinnai Direct Vent Wall Furnaces

With a Rinnai EnergySaver® Direct Vent Wall Furnace, you’ll be as comfortable with your energy bill as you are with your room temperature. Our technology uses only the exact amount of gas needed, optimizing energy efficiency. With multiple models, ranging from 3,000 BTU to 36,500 BTU, we have just the right size and configuration to complement your existing heating system.



Toyostove Toyotomi Laser Vented Heaters

Oil Fired

The Toyotomi Laser Direct Vent Heaters are whisper quiet, safe and dependable. With multiple options to choose from a Laser Direct Heater can often heat an entire home. It is the perfect solution for those hard to heat rooms, summer homes or cabins! The Toyotomi Laser Direct Vent Heaters are efficient and economical, comfortable and clean, safe & odorless!


Laser 300
Laser 730
Laser 530
Laser 560

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