Venmar HRV



Engineered to be one of the most eco-friendly HRV air exchangers on the market The Venmar AVS EKO 1.5 HRV has an innovative design that incorporates extremely high performance motors that are equivalent in power to a compact fluorescent bulb (13.5 watts each), which enable the EKO 1.5 HRV to significantly lower energy costs without affecting its performance. Additional energy efficiency is found through its advanced heat recovery core, which can retain up to 80% of a home’s heating or cooling. Ideal for small to mid-sized homes*, this balanced system offers superior indoor air quality and excess humidity control.Combined with the state-of-the-art programmable Altitude wall control, the EKO 1.5 HRV surpasses energy-saving standards while providing effective heat recovery and ventilation.








The latest model, the Constructo 1.5V,  offers all the basic features for the new construction market (small to mid-sized homes), such as a compact horizontal footprint, an integrated balancing system and a defrosting system without negative pressure.


Moreover, all aspects of its design were created to facilitate balancing of air flow and simplify installation; it also offers easy access to components and electronics. Design with 2 PSC motors, the Constructo 1.5V improves indoor air quality and reduces excess humidity, ensuring a continuous supply of fresh air from outside into the house.Profile



A heat recovery ventilator system (HRV) is ideal for homes located in colder climates, where there is excess moisture during heating season, since the unit allows to get rid of it.A HRV system supplies continuous fresh air from outside in the house. The heat recovery core of the unit transfers a portion of heat in the stale air being exhausted to the fresh incoming air from outside before being distributed throughout the house. The result is a continuous supply of fresh air, without unpleasant drafts, and increased comfort for the home occupants. Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV)