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Caddy Alterna II


The powerful 120,000 BTU warm-air pellet furnace

is built for our climate. With its 240-pound hopper capacity

and its efficiency topping the 81% mark, It is the perfect heating device for the coldest North American winters.

Its state-of-the-art LCD control panel lets you configure the furnace rapidly and easily. The bottom-feed burner system has been tested with four different types of pellets: standard wood pellets, 100% bark pellets, sawdust/hay mix pellets, and switch grass pellets. This flexibility in fuel selection will allow you to keep more money in your pocket an avoid potential fuel shortages.But versatility does not end there.


The Caddy Alterna can accept an optional electric element that can be installed on either side of the furnace.What's more, the maximum BTU on the Caddy Alterna may be adjusted by the homeowner or installer.Indeed, the PC board allows three additional input configurations: 60,000BTU, 80,000BTU, and 100,000BTU.


For smaller homes 

This input selection flexibility will result in extended cycling intervals and will lead to fuel economies. In terms of heating capacity, homeowners must also realize the benefits of the regulated feed rate provided by a pellet furnace like the Caddy Alterna. As long as there is fuel in the hopper and thermostatic demand, the Caddy Alterna will consistently produce the desired maximum heat output.


CLICK on the photo for a link to the Technical Specifications.


Pellet Furnaces

Harman PF120 Pellet Furnace


The PF120 is a powerful and efficient pellet furnace.

Up to 120,000 BTUs and 86% efficiency deliver consistent, even heating. And a convenient wall control and Hour Maintenance Meter make operating and maintaining this reliable unit easier than any other pellet furnace on the market.

  • 120,000 BTUs - heat 2,500 to 6,500 square feet, based on climate and home efficiency

  • Dual heat exchangers help extract maximum heat from each piece of fuel

  • 160 lb. hopper capacity

  • 1,638 cfm blower, included, evenly distributes heat throughout the home

  • Wall-mounted temperature control with low fuel indicator


PelletPro™ System

The patented PelletPro™ System makes it possible to burn any grade of pellet fuel with maximum heat and efficiency. A bottom-up feeding system burns each pellet completely, allows for 24-hour heating and constantly maintains the fire within 1 degree of set temperatures—helping achieve industry-leading performance and efficiency.


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