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Arctic Spas ® brand hot tubs are engineered for the world’s harshest climates. They are designed to perform efficiently in extreme Northern conditions, and that translates into your guarantee of

reliability, economy and peace of mind, no matter where you live.


The Arctic Spas brand was developed in northern Canada, where the extreme climate guided our hot tubs into becoming the most energy efficient, longest lasting, and easiest to maintain in the world. When the temperature fluctuates from -30 C in the winter to +30 in the summer, a quality outdoor hot tub has to be built with extreme intelligence and only the very best components. No climate on Earth is too extreme for an Arctic Spa.


People all over the world appreciate the benefits of this design. No matter where you live or what type of climate you have, lower running costs and less maintenance make sense.

Family, Friends & FUN! There is no better place to spend leisure time with friends and family than in an Arctic Spa hot tub. Your Arctic Spa can be your new meeting place to reconnect with your children, your spouse and yourself!

Heath Benefits of Hot Tubbing. Hot tubbing can provide pain relief to those who suffer from chronic or injury related skeletal discomfort. They also provide detoxification to our bodies by raising our internal body temperature and therefore flushing out toxins through sweat. Also, there is nothing better for your mental state then relaxing in a hot tub! 

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