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Paradigm 2G

Condensing Oil Furnace


Up To 95.8% AFUE*

The Most Efficient Oil Furnace in the World.

(*annual fuel utilization efficiency)


With 100% premium staineless steel construction the 2G heats up faster, saving energy;

Comes with a factory installed Condensate Cartridge which neutralizes the acid in the condensed liquid allowing it to leave safely through the home's plumbing;

Blower supplied with high-efficienc ECM motor; 

Cleaner and more efficient fuel burning with High Static Pressure Oil Burners;

Electronic Controls;

Secondary Tubular Heat Exchangers allow for maximized heat transfer.


CLICK on the Photo to Download the Brochure


Energy Star Qualified

Chimney or Direct Venting

Heat Pump or Air Conditioning Ready

Replaces Existing Oil Furnace

Super Quiet Operation

Generator Friendly

The Olsen oil furnaces use no.2 fuel oil burned in a sealed chamber to heat an

exchanger. Just like gas furnaces, oil furnaces also carry AFUE ratings

and start at 80% AFUE. Variable speed (ECM) Units are available in many

sizes and shapes so just CLICK on the photo above to link to their website page of statistics to compare models. We are sure you'll find one that's right for you. The ECMs (Electronically Commutated Motors) were developed to offer a greater range of operating choices and to minimize noise. They are DC motors that function using a built-in inverter and a magnet rotor, and as a result are able to achieve greater efficiency in air-flow systems than some kinds of AC motors.

ECMs maintain a high level (65 to 75 percent) of efficiency at a variety of speeds. As a result, ECMs are cost and energy efficient and can reduce operating costs. Additionally, ECMs are not prone to overheating and do not require additional measures to offset the generation of heat as older motors often do.


Olsen Oil Furnaces use No.2 Fuel Oil burned in a sealed chamber to heat an Exchanger.

Just like gas furnaces, oil furnaces also carry AFUE ratings and start at 80% AFUE.

Oil Furnaces

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