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Why Wood?

Using renewable energy sources reduces the dependence on fluctuating heating costs associated with fossil fuels. Furthermore, heating your home with wood provided by local forests and firewood producers also supports the local economy.


Choosing one of our Wood Heating Products gives you a "green" cost-effective heating solution.  Wood heat helps in preventing the generation of humidity (the main cause of mold) and therefore creating a fresh and healthy indoor climate.


With options like the state of the art Zero Clearance Wood Fireplaces you can now burn wood  completely (with an efficiency of more than 80%) and therefore use almost all the existing energy. The emissions amount to only a small percentage of the world’s strictest allowances, which leads to a considerable reduction of carbon dioxide. A small amount of wood is enough to heat your space comfortably, making it a healthy and comfortable gathering point for the entire family.


Heat from a Freestanding Wood Fireplace or Wood Cookstove provides comfortable warmth and a Traditional ambience to the Home.  The beauty of a Freestanding Wood Stove for heat and the time honoured use of wood for cooking are back in style with technical upgrade of the 21st century. When the state of the art airtight capability of today's products, added to the great taste of food cooked in a wood Cookstove combine, the results are delicious.


We also have products that will turn your existing Fireplace into an efficient home heating appliance. Most fireplace openings send almost 90% of the heat straight up the chimney but with a Wood Insert from one of our trusted suppliers will boost the efficiency of your fireplace to between 75% and 80% while keeping the line and look of your Mantle. We have choices for every taste.


Suitable firewood is available in our area from several dependable companies. Wood that’s over a year old is recommended for firewood. Wood chopped in the spring can be ready for burning in the autumn, but wood that’s over a year old will definitely be dry. Chopped wood dries best when sheltered from rain and when air is able to flow through the pile. The pile should stand on a wooden platform so that the firewood doesn’t make direct contact with the ground.


We all respond to the cheery fire and lovely scent of wood burning in our homes and encourage you to consider this option for a sustainable and self sufficient source of home heating and cooking.



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