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Freestanding Gas Fireplaces 

Freestanding Gas Fireplaces


With a Regency gas stove you can create a warm gathering place that is clean and modern or timeless and traditional. Regency Gas Stoves have the ambiance of a freestanding woodstove but offer you the convenience of gas.


We have models from Regency, Kozy Heat and Hampton Cast Iron Freestanding Stoves. The selection is beautiful and more examples are available through the links below.




Model H27

Style & Performance.


This Hampton Medium Gas Stove's beautiful styling is matched only by its authentic fire. The gas flames have been carefully engineered to twist and flicker as real wood flames do - around the most realistic logs available anywhere today.


The rich porcelain finish of each Hampton Freestanding Fireplace provides ageless beauty that only a handcrafted home heater can deliver. Timeless styling, exceptional quality and a way to cut home heating costs while enjoying an exceptional fire make a Hampton the perfect choice.

CLICK on the photo to link with the entire Hampton line of Cast Iron Freestanding Stoves.


NG (Natural Gas) LP (Liquid Propane)

Maximum BTU NG: 25,000 LP: 23,000

Turn Down BTU NG:12,500 LP:11,500

Efficiency NG/LP: 85%

EnerGuide Rating NG: 61.15%  LP: 61.63%

View Area: 240 sq. in. Vent Type: Direct Vent

Regency Classic

Model C34

The Regency Classic Gas Stove mirrors the authentic styling of a wood stove with all the convenience of gas.

No Chimney? No Problem. With the direct vent option, you can vent up and out of your home saving installation dollars. CLICK on the photo for more.



NG (Natural Gas) LP (Liquid Propane)

Maximum BTU NG/LP: 32,000 

Turn Down BTU NG/LP: 16,000 

Efficiency NG/LP: 84.00%

EnerGuide Rating NG/LP: 62.51%

Regency Ultimate

Model U38/U39

The clean, modern lines of the Ultimate Gas stove wrap around its extraordinary fire. This fire can be provides 40,000 BTU of high efficiency heat for large living areas but can be turned down to enjoy the fire view with less warmth. Replace your old wood stove, install the U38 into your existing masonry fireplace and warm up your home as you lower heating bills.  


CLICK on the photo for more information.


Specifications for the U38

NG (Natural Gas) LP (Liquid Propane)

Maximum BTU NG: 40,000 LP: 38,000  

Turn Down BTU  NG: 21,000  LP: 20,000

Efficiency NG/LP: 75.00%

EnerGuide Rating NG: 58.61%  LP: 60.31%



Specifications for the U39

NG (Natural Gas) LP (Liquid Propane)

Maximum BTU NG/LP 38,000

Turn Down BTU  NG/LP: 22,000

Efficiency NG/LP: 86.00%

EnerGuide Rating NG/LP: 69.41% 


Pacific Energy Trenton

Cast-Iron Edition

The Trenton cast iron freestanding gas stove combines the traditional design with today’s modern gas technology. Built with heavy cast iron to retain and evenly distribute heat from the top and sides of the stove, the Trenton provides even, constant heat throughout the room and decorative doors to swing open to reveal an unobstructed window of full, rich flames. 

Click on photo for more information.


NG (Natural Gas) LP (Liquid Propane)

Maximum NG/LP BTU: 24,000

Efficiency NG/LP: 74.4%

The Mirage

Model 18 & 30

The Mirage 30 represents the leading edge of freestanding design for larger spaces. Beautifully clad in lustrous porcelain enamel, inside each Mirage is a powerful engine. Large formed aluminum-finned heat exchangers result in high performance heating efficiency while highly reflective titanium porcelain baffles, and insulated interior firebox panels, maximize temperature convection.

CLICK on photo for more information.


NG (Natual Gas) LP(Liquid Propane)

Maximum NG/LP BTU: 30,000
Efficiency NG 68%
Efficiency LP 69.3%


The Hampton

Model H35

The Large Hampton Gas Stove features the most realistic gas fire available. Complement the classic style with a decorative glass grille to get the look of a real wood fire. Direct vent technology allows you to put your Hampton Gas Stove exactly where you want it without needing a chimney.

CLICK on photos for more information.


NG(Natural Gas) LP(Liquid Propane)

Maximum NG BTU: 30,000. Max LP BTU: 29,500

Efficiency NG: 74%

Efficiency LP: 76%

EnerGuide Rating: 67%

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