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Gas Inserts 

Regency Energy Gas Inserts provide consistent, controllable heat even during power outages while saving money and adding value and efficiency to your home. Experience a minimum of effort for a maximum result in both Home Comfort and Value with a Gas Insert.

We present four samples here with their characteristics and statistics. Model L390E, U31/U32 and E21. All  but E21 are medium sized models but vary in style and some specifications. We hope this will give you a place to start on the path to finding the Gas Insert that's just right for you.

​CLICK HERE for the complete line of REGENCY Inserts.

Regency Gas Insert

Model L390E

The Firebox on this model (shown right) mimics the style and elegance of a real wood fire. Heat radiating ceramic glass provides maximum warmth. Realistic logs glow with beautiful flames and glowing ceramic ember bed. CLICK on the photo for Accessories from Regency.


How it Works:

Whisper quiet variable speed blower to push the heat.

Controllable heat with Proflame Remote Control.

Electronic Ignition with SureFire switch or standing pilot.

Easy access controls. Direct vent technology.

Regency Gas Insert

Model L390E


NG (Natural Gas) LP (Liquid Propane)

Max. BTU NG/LP 31,000

Turn Down BTU NG:21,500 LP:26,000

Efficiency NG/LP 84.00%

EnerGuide Rating NG 71.90%  LP 75.3%View

Area: 390 sq. in.  Room Size: Medium Vent Type: Direct Vent

Min. Fireplace Opening   Width (front)30"  (back)22"

Height  20"   Depth 15.5"


Regency Gas Insert

Model U31

Heat medium sized living areas in a wide range of styles with this fireplace insert. Whatever style you choose Regency quality and the exceptional fire will be a welcome addition to your home.

CLICK on the photo for Options from Regency. 



NG (Natural Gas) LP (Liquid Propane)

Maximum BTU NG: 30,000  LP: 27,500

Turn Down BTU NG: 20,600 LP: 22,000

Efficiency NG/LP: 76.00%

EnerGuide Rating NG: 52.90%  LP: 48.07%

Regency Gas Insert

Model E21

This compact Energy Gas Insert is perfect for heating smaller living areas. Quality is evident in every detail - from high efficiency heat to custom styling. The E21 features the dancing flames of a cheerful fire. CLICK

on the photo for details!



NG (Natural Gas) LP (Liquid Propane)

Maximum BTU NG: 23,500  LP: 22,500

Turn Down BTU NG:11,750 LP: 11,250

Efficiency NG: 77.00% LP: 77.00%

EnerGuide Rating NG: 50.60% LP: 53.48%

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