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Traditional Gas Fireplaces 

Regency Energy Traditional Gas Fireplaces

present timeless designs and lasting quality. The Regency Traditional Direct Vent Gas Fireplace line offer fine finishing, realistic full fires and a multitude of customizing options allowing you to match design elements on your fireplace to your home. Regency engineers have created a broad family of fireplaces so that you can enjoy a Regency almost anywhere in your home.


We present four models here with their characteristics and statistics. Model B36XTCE, P90, P36 and P33 are all very popular models that, along with the multitude of design features, work well in our climate. We hope this will give you a place to start on the path to finding the Gas Fireplace that's just right for you.





Model  B36XTCE 

Bellavista means beautiful view in Italian and is a great description of one of the most popular gas fireplaces on the market. This medium sized fireplace has a viewing area is 641 square inches and the bold flame array keeps the focus on the flames.  

Ceramic safety glass helps deliver heat to the room and quality workmanship ensures that the fine finishes and options will be shown to their best advantage and enhance your room decor. CLICK on the photo (top right) for more options.

Traditional Gas Fireplace

Bellavista Model B36XTCE


NG (Natural Gas) LP (Liquid Propane)

Maximum BTU NG/LP 31,000

Turn Down BTU NG:21,500 LP:25,000

Efficiency NG: 71% /LP: 71.21%

EnerGuide Rating NG: 64.7.00%  LP: 64.88%

View Area: 641 sq. in. Vent Type: Direct Vent


Model P90

Timeless Arch Design, glowing embers and split logs molded from real wood, all combine to create the appeal of the Excalibur Fireplace. Combining brick panels and rustic accents will give you old fashioned charm with state of the art clean gas heat.

CLICK on the photo for Options from Regency. 



NG (Natural Gas) LP (Liquid Propane)

Maximum BTU NG: 30,000  LP: 27,500

Turn Down BTU NG: 20,600 LP: 22,000

Efficiency NG/LP: 76.00%

EnerGuide Rating NG: 62.49%  LP: 65.03%

Regency Panorama

Model P36

The most popular fireplace size is available in both a slim and deep box; designed to deliver a beautiful fire and efficient heat to most common family rooms, dens and bedrooms. Customize with warm finishes, screen doors and decorative accents - making the Panorama a perfect part of your home decor. 



NG (Natural Gas) LP (Liquid Propane)

Maximum BTU NG/LP: 30,000  

Turn Down BTU  NG: 15,500  LP:15,000

Efficiency NG/LP: 82.00%

EnerGuide Rating NG: 52.90%  LP: 48.07%


Panorama Small Gas Fireplace

Model P33

Perfect for smaller living spaces, the P33 offers the stylish options of the Panorama family in a compact size. This slim fireplace is frequently featured in bedrooms, kitchens and dens; quietly warming or dramatically focusing attention on the unobstructed view of the fire.

With it's short box design (only 12 3/4 inches deep)

it can go almost anywhere in your home and comes with a great selection of Accessories and Finishes. CLICK on the photo to view them.



NG (Natural Gas) LP (Liquid Propane)

Maximum BTU NG: 22,500  LP: 21,500

Turn Down BTU NG:12,500 LP: 10,500

Efficiency NG/LP 76.00%

EnerGuide Rating NG: 62.49% LP: 65.03%

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